DuelQLeapNet: D3QN with LeapNet

TODO reference the original papers ESANN Paper Leap Net

That has now be implemented as a github repository Leap Net Github


The Leap is a type of neural network that has showed really good performances on the predictions of flows on powerlines based on the injection and the topology.

In this baseline, we use this very same architecture to model the Q function. The D3QN RL method is used.

An example to train this model is available in the train function Example-leapnet.

Exported class

You can use this class with:

from l2rpn_baselines.DuelQLeapNet import train, evaluate, DuelQLeapNet

Other non exported class

These classes need to be imported, if you want to import them with (non exhaustive list): .. code-block:: python

from l2rpn_baselines.DuelQLeapNet.DuelQLeapNet_NN import DuelQLeapNet_NN from l2rpn_baselines.DuelQLeapNet.LeapNet_NNParam import LeapNet_NNParam